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Casino Theme Party Ideas

Aug 17, 2015
Justin Atkinson

5 Ideas That Will Put Your Casino Party Over the Top!
Casino theme party ideas that will take your adult theme party to the next level is what you need to impress! Lately, it has become the coolest thing in Dallas, Fort Worth and other areas in North Texas to host a theme party for adults, especially a casino themed party. From a casino birthday themed party to a casino wedding theme to a corporate casino party, casino theme parties are the way to go, and we have some great casino theme party ideas to help you make it fab! It’s not enough to just have casino table rentals, casino equipment rentals and casino party dealers. You have to stretch your imagination if you want to create something extra, so here are five casino theme party ideas to put your next casino party over the top!

1. Use furniture to create the right ambience:
The success of casino theme party ideas is all in the execution, and creating the right ambience is where you have to start. First, you need to know the age and socioeconomic demographic you are appealing to. Who are your guests and would they tend to be more traditional in their decor tastes, or more modern? Having the right decorations can set the mood, creating everything from an upscale aristocratic feel, to a sleek modern, subterranean euro lounge feel.Need a classical setting? Go for traditional-style high back sofas, vintage rugs, wood grain furniture and crystal chandeliers. If you want an ultramodern environment, go for modern white leather couches, white carpets, glowing lucite bars, and flowing pipe and drape around the walls.

2. Light up your party with the right kind of lighting:
Lighting is the second most important asset to the success of your casino theme party ideas. Again, consider your audience. For an upscale casino theme party, give it a late night cigar lounge feel by using soft down lighting, lots of lamps, chandeliers glowing soft amber, and dimly lit corners that add a “speak easy” lounge feel. For a young, hipster crowd, of course LED lights are the most suitable. Create an oscillating color pattern that undulates between sultry reds and pinks to chilled out blues and purples. Place lighting up above on scaffolding, around the walls, and below the casino tables. To step it up another notch, have your personal logo shining down onto the floor from up above! Your guests will be immediately pulled into the fantasy land you have created through floods of color.

3. Jazz up your casino table rentals and casino equipment rentals with custom logo’d felts, dice, cards and chips:
One of the coolest new casino theme party ideas is to get custom felts for your casino table rentals with your company or personal logo stamped onto it! Also, getting custom stamped casino chips, dice and cards allows you to stack up the bragging rights on coolness! Choose the color, pattern and logo you want for your corporate casino party, casino night fundraiser or home casino party. One thing for sure, custom stamping will give the party a jolt of energized personalization!

4. Use props to round out the casino theme party feel:
As with both the furniture and lighting casino theme party ideas, using casino styled props can add both swagger and SWAG (stuff we all get) to your casino party. Remember again who your audience is, and with that, the ideas will start pouring forth. For a classy casino night fundraiser with that upscale feel, use props such as metal champagne buckets and stands, large shiny metal dice props, chandeliers made of clear casino chips and ice sculptures with aces and spades carved into them. Give away themed Queen of Heart bow-ties to the guys and full length stretchy gloves to the ladies. For the young, professional urbanite dweller crowd, spice it up and make it HOT! Use flaming dice props, hard metal hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. That edgy austere futurist look makes the colorful martinis go down in subterranean euro blissfulness. Give away shiny metal dice party favors to the boys and “Flaming Heart” leg stockings to the ladies.

5. Hire models to be your casino party dealers:
With all casino theme party ideas, the desire is to give your party that upscale sassiness that goes hand in hand with a casino themed party. So what better way to do so than to have your casino party company provide models for the casino party dealers and the bartenders!   The presence of beautiful models adds an air of glamour and seduction to your casino theme party. Everyone loves eye candy, and both men and women will be drawn to the handsomely dressed or scantily clad models dealing cards at your blackjack table rentals and spinning the wheel at your roulette table rental. Because pretty people are good for morale!

So, remember when looking for casino theme party ideas to put your casino party over the top, do not limit yourself to the “tried and tested”. Let your creative streak run wild. Be bold! Be adventurous! Think of ideas that no one has thought of before. Who knows, you may become the next trendsetter.



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